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Write For Us

Guest-Posting for Hikedeal Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

We kindly invite you to write a guest post for our official blog as a leading E-commerce, Mobile, and Web development business.

Guest blogging is an excellent approach to position oneself as an industry authority figure and to network with other bloggers and professionals in your field. It is also a wonderful technique to increase your web presence. Hikedeal Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.  is searching for intelligent authors, experts, and professional writers to submit guest blogs on a variety of themes.

You can submit your content as a guest blogger for our official blog and receive significant advantages according to our guest blogger policy.

Why should you write for Us?

We’re absolutely wonderful to work with!

We have a large reading base, and our blogs are read and followed by readers all around the world. More importantly, we’re dedicated to providing the finest blog possible to our continually expanding audience. You will gain in a variety of ways, including increased traffic, a more targeted audience, backlinks, and more.

However, because our blog is read by many individuals, including businesspeople, corporate executives, and others, you can increase the global popularity of your company. Aside from that, you may increase brand and business exposure, therefore submitting a guest post for Hikedeal Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. is quite beneficial to your company.

What Type of Blogs we accept?

We accept guest-posts on different topics that include

  • e-Commerce : UI/UX Design, Magento, Shopify, OsCommerce
  • Web Development : Laravel, Angularjs, Yii, PHP, WordPress
  • Mobile Apps solutions : iOS, Android, ionic, Phonegap and App UI/UX design

Our Terms & Conditions for Submitting a Guest-Post

Your post will not be published elsewhere. We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers.

  • The topic must be qualitative and informative content.
  • Recommended article length: 3000 – 3500 words
  • Content Should be original & unique that could grab readers attention.
  • Use short paragraph (2 to 3 line), sub-sections, bullet points and more
  • Your post must be comprehensive. Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.
  • You are allowed to keep one link in your author bio part
  • We take maximum 7 business days to approve your post.
  • You can promote your published article in your circle after approval
  • You need to send your post with quality images with sources.
  • In our Website blogs (Our or Contributor) we have rights to any 3rd party website backlinks, no one can object to it.
  • Our Blog Administrator has right to edit your blog.

Our Submission Process for Guest-post

The process of guest post submission is quite simple and easy. You need to mail us your blog in word file at our email address [email protected]. However, we can take maximum 7 business days to approve your post so be Patient.


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