Life @ Hikedeal

We always care for each employee and offer equal opportunities to boost up individual growth.

We believe that having fun at work boosts productivity and satisfaction. We have created such a wonderful environment that draws everyone together under one banner of oneness. Employees not only like their jobs, but they also learn new things. This is only possible due of our unique work culture, which allows you to grow without bias. We organise some exciting and entertaining activities on a regular basis to keep everyone refreshed. Investigate how everyone at Hikedeal enjoys their jobs and strives to improve their abilities.

Equal Opportunity

We think that while not everyone has equal abilities, they should all have equal opportunities for advancement. The only component that can lead to success through joint effort is equal opportunity. We provide an open platform to everyone without regard for caste, creed, gender, or other factors.

Supportive work Culture

Employee trust is boosted when they can get help at any time. Magneto’s work culture fosters a welcoming environment in which any coworker can seek assistance whenever and wherever they need it. As a result, no one hesitates to obtain support.

Healthy Work Environment

Being medically conscious can help to create a healthy work environment. Magneto provides first aid services on a primary level of emergency and regularly provides employees with cleanliness suggestions. As a result, a healthy environment allows everyone to enjoy their work.

Career Counseling

Guidance is required for proper direction. No one is perfect, but counselling can help you identify areas for development. Magneto offers career counselling to help our employees find their own abilities and put them to good use. As a result, we assist them in shaping their future.

Good Infrastructure

Magneto is a well-established business with a solid infrastructure. We provide basic comforts to staff to keep them pleased while they work. A good infrastructure is also important for employees to be satisfied with their jobs.

Festival Celebration

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? When festival season arrives, everyone is excited to celebrate. We celebrate all festivals at Magneto, including Navratri, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, and others. Such a festival fosters strong bonds among all participants and unites them as one family.

Holiday Tour

Refreshments are always required for regaining energy. We organise holiday tours at regular intervals to keep everyone energised. The cultural team and everyone’s collaborative viewpoints are used to carry out all planning and activities.

Good Infrastructure

Sports are the best kind of exercise and fun. When you play your favourite sport, you love it from the bottom of your heart. We organise a variety of sports tournaments, including cricket and others. This sporting event inspires everyone with their spirit.

Our awards and recognition